If you’re scheduled for your first endoscopy, and you simply don’t know how to prepare or what to expect, we have the information you need. Dr. Oforbuike Ewelukwa and our team at Imperial Digestive Health Specialists PLLC in Katy, Texas are trained specialists in endoscopic procedures. We have the expertise and experience to let you know what’s ahead, and make sure you have a successful experience.

Whether you need an endoscopic procedure for a close look at your digestive system or to diagnose or treat a gastrointestinal disorder, your preparation is the same.

Preparation steps

To prepare for an endoscopy, you need to take a few simple steps, including: 

Show up with an empty stomach

When your stomach is empty, it allows us to see it clearly during your procedure. Be sure to stop eating and drinking 6-8 hours before your scheduled endoscopy.

Stop taking certain medications and supplements

If you take iron supplements or aspirin products, we may recommend that you stop taking them seven days before the test. If you take blood-thinning medications, we may ask you to stop taking them several days before your procedure, if possible. We also advise that you don’t take sucralfate or antacids on the day of your test. 

During your consultation, we go over your medications and help you make the necessary adjustments to prepare for your endoscopy.

Have your ride home scheduled

You’re given a sedative to make you relaxed and sleepy during your procedure. For safety reasons, we advise that you arrange for someone to take you home after we monitor your condition and release you to leave.

Know what to bring

Important papers and information to bring include a picture ID, all insurance information (if applicable), and an advance care plan if you have one. 

It’s important to have your health care wishes in writing. If you don’t have an advance care plan in place, you may want to have one prepared.

Wash your body

Before you come in, be sure to take a bath or shower, but don’t apply any lotion, deodorant, or perfume. You should also remove fingernail polish if you have any on.

Remove all jewelry

You don’t want anything to interfere with your procedure, so we ask that you remove all jewelry, including earrings, necklaces, bracelets, and rings. If you wear contact lenses, remove those, too.

If you have any questions before your endoscopy, we can answer them all. We want you to feel fully prepared and know how to prepare and what to expect. We also have a checklist to go over with you to ensure you know exactly what to do.

The procedure

Before your procedure begins, you take a sedative to help you feel fully relaxed and sleepy.

We then have you lie down on a table. We also give you an anesthetic spray that numbs the back of your throat to keep you comfortable.

Next, we feed the endoscope down your esophagus and into your stomach. The process causes minimal discomfort, and you can breathe comfortably during the procedure. We closely monitor your blood pressure, heart rate, and breathing the whole time.

In addition, if we need to take a biopsy, you won’t feel a thing.

Your endoscopy should only take about 15-30 minutes. After we complete your procedure, you remain under our care for 1-2 hours until your medicine wears off. We then discuss our findings with you and offer a treatment plan, as needed, or explain the successful results of the procedure.

If you have questions about an endoscopic procedure, don’t hesitate to reach out to our team with your questions. We’re here to help. Call us at 281-305-0423, text us at 832-639-5725, or book an appointment online.

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